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We Celebrates Friendship People Campaign Start On #WeMetOnTheNet

Zia Uddin



There is a shared belief associated with meeting people online nowadays. You notice it every time you ask someone who met each other on a dating app. They hide the word “Tinder” and try to create on more fairy-tale of meeting each other via friends.

Visumate, Berlin-based digital marketing agency, started non commercial #WeMetOnTheNet social media campaign to celebrate the synergy between online and offline relationships. The team was inspired by Berlin social media network culture: meeting online and bringing the connection to offline and keeping the contact in a real time.

We successfully highlighted the advantages of communication via social media and brought on the stage the examples which are worth knowing, notes Gintare Adomaityte, PR manager at visumate, and introduces the #WeMetOnTheNet submissions that showcase friendships, not only romantic relationships, that were started on such platforms.


#wemetonthenet I met you 6 years ago via online gaming platform. At that time I was young and never thought that I could meet such a nice, kind, handsome, loving man on the internet. Now we are already 4 years married and looking forward for many years to come. Celebrating love everyday with you, Darius!

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