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The Worst Construction Fails And ‘Justifies’ Them With Hilarious Captions

Zia Uddin



Trevor Lahey, AKA Greaseball1987, is one Certified Caulk Installer with a wicked sense of humor. His parody Instagram account, which gives little other information save for his hourly rate ($17.40/hour non-negotiable, if you must know), is a collection of hilariously bad construction and DIY jobs over which he writes deadpan captions.

Assuming the role of the worker, Trevor proudly presents his ‘projects’ with tongue-in-cheek hints and tips, whilst lavishing praise on his own creative ingenuity. The posts are rounded off with your stereotypical ‘inspo’ hashtags, with #keepcraftalive, #problemsolver and #themoreyouknow being particular favorites.


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