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10 Amazing Researchers Conducted Crazy Experiments On Themselves

Wahaj Ali



We may have seen and  heard about new experiments from allover the world but these Researchers Conducted Crazy Experiments On Themselves and that’s why we have collected some amazing photos from the internet.

1. Joseph Barcroft

Many scientists have tested things on themselves that just might be harmful to determine results. But the Northern Irish physiologist Joseph Barcroft took things a little further by purposely testing known poison gas on himself and studying the effects. Born in 1872, Barcroft lived until 1947, though he came close to dying much sooner. Barcroft opposed violence as a Quaker, but carried out terrible human experimentation on himself when World War I came about. In an enclosed chamber at the Porton Down chemical warfare laboratory in 1915, he allowed himself to be exposed to deadly hydrogen cyanide as it was released, while sharing the chamber with a dog.

After about a minute, the dog passed out, seemingly dead (though it later came to). Seeing this effect, Barcroft exited the chamber alive. Barcroft experienced dizziness upon any quick turning of his head, which lasted around one year. His concern was to determine how dangerous the poison gas being used in the war might be. Barcroft’s other extreme experiments after World War I included spending time in a chamber that mimicked high altitudes, then riding a stationary bicycle. This turned his blood blue, which shockingly is not what killed him. Instead, he died from a heart attack while trying to catch a bus.

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