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Alessandro D’Alcantara Is a Italian Artist Creating Magic With His Creativity

Zia Uddin



We, humans, are mortal, but well, art isn’t. Art has been one of the most instrumental change-makers in shaping humanity, and if there is something that’s beyond discrimination, it’s an art form.

And talking about inspirations, it’s the artists who are the forerunners of bringing the change in the world and making it a better place, one masterpiece at a time.

Say hello to Alessandro D’Alcantara! The ace illustrator and graphic designer who has been mastering the art of creating breathtaking portrayals for quite a while now.

So what awakens the artist in Alessandro? And is his artwork just for fun, or does it depict something? His origin, his inspiration, or whatever makes you curious about this super talented artist and his artwork – we have it covered.

Inspiration or Inheritance

The first question dancing in your head would be where is Alessandro from, and whether his artwork is a sheer result of his genes, or risen out of inspiration?

I was born in southern Italy, specifically in Tricarico, a small town in the province of Matera. I have always been very attached to art since the days of asylum, it is thanks to my father that I love art because it is from him that I took the artistic vein.

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