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Dew Info Tech is an International News & Entertainment Website with and advanced Web experience. Enhanced Combination of Content like Reporting, Stories, Videos, Photos with Up to date Trends. Possible Conceptual Information Accuracy with Visual Entertainment in News and other Niche of Articles, Galleries & Stories.

We have vast variety of Content from the hierarchy of News for the Viewers and Readers. We sets new trends about Tech, News and Entertainment.


In 2019, Founder of One Step Viral ( Parent Company of Websites Catoic, Zam Viral, Viral CMS, Incredible Nat, Trending Fox, SM Web, Global M News and Dew Info Tech ) Abdul Samad is started many projects related to news content.


We will provide Tech, Celeb and Entertainment Information to all around the globe.

Parent Company

One Step Viral (Social & Website Publishing Network)


  • Abdul Samad (Founder)
  • Zia Uddin (Chief Management Officer)
  • Rao Azfar Saad Khan (Former Chief Content Officer)
  • Musab Yahya (Technical Supporter)
  • Wahaj Ali (Chief Content Officer)