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10 Stunning Hairstyles That Make Thin Hair Look Thick

Zia Uddin



This is true especially for hair. We women love styling our hair with heating tools and colors to make it look as big and thick as possible. But using chemicals and heat, along with everyday pollution, damages our locks. So many actresses have opened up about their struggle with hair loss and thinning in their quest to get thicker hair. Here are some ways you can get thicker hair and some styles you can use to make your thin hair look thicker.

Tips To Make Your Thin Hair Look Thick

1. Opt for messy hairstyles as they tend to make your hair look thicker.
2. Consider curling your locks. Curl your hair in small sections, but not in tight ringlets as they make your hair look thinner. Pancake your braids and updos.
3. When opting for updos, don’t be afraid to use bun makers to enhance your hair’s thickness.
4. Change your parting. We all have a natural parting, which, over time, makes our hair look flat. Changing your parting can add volume to your locks.
5. Add highlights! Highlights not only help in framing your face, but they also make your hair look thicker by adding more dimension to it.
6. Consider hair extensions. Hair extensions or weaves can make your hair look super thick. Colored extensions are also a less damaging alternative to coloring your locks.
7. Eat healthy! Your diet plays a big role in the health of your locks. Eating greens can make your hair shinier and thicker.
8. Give your hair regular love and care. Apply oil at least once a week, and go for a hair spa at least once a month. Use a hair mask to provide protein to your hair. You’ll see a change in your locks in no time.

Besides taking great care of your locks, there are also some gorgeous hairstyles that you can try out to make them look thicker. Check them out below!

#1 Wavy Hair

Keira Knightley is known for her hairstyles. She colored her hair so many times that it started to get thin. Thin hair can end up looking very flat and make your face look large. But, there’s nothing that some waves can’t fix.

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