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10 Regular Things for Spain That Seem Totally Wild Rest of the World

Zia Uddin



Siestas, making noise, and arriving late are things that everyone has heard about Spanish people, even those that have never been to Spain before. But the people from this country have so many more unique quirks, like the fact that they peel fruit and throw the trash right on the floor. Here, they go to bars with their entire families and they even take their children with them.

We have read the blogs of people who live in Spain and we made a short list of weird things that every tourist will notice when they visit this beautiful country.

1. Having a test that shows if pregnant women can eat ham

Aside from the standard examinations and tests, pregnant women in Spain do a special test that shows whether or not they can eat ham. As it turns out, eating ham can cause toxoplasmosis in a pregnant woman, which is dangerous for the fetus. In order to make sure the baby and the mother are okay, they get a special test done.

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