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10 Life-Changing Inventions That Are Product Of A Scientific Mistake

Zia Uddin



A lot of scientific inventions that you enjoy today are a result of deliberate planning, organizing, and intense research. But, you also have to take into account that when it comes to inventions – some people simply got lucky. An 11-year-old boy didn’t wake up thinking he’d give the world the gift of a popsicle, and a sick man munching on an old tree would introduce us to the first anti-malaria drug, Quinine.

Call it a fluke or the will of God, here are some more examples of how science, on some days, decided to sway in the favor of humanity.


One of the first antibiotics of the world, Penicillin was discovered by Dr. Alexander Fleming who left out cultures of Staphylococcus aureus in his lab for two weeks––only to find out that the growth of the mold was prevented by Penicillium Notatum.

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