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10 Celebrities Who Have Gone All Out with Their Halloween Costumes This Year

Zia Uddin



Celebrities really know how to get into the spirit of Halloween. Year after year, they share their elaborate costumes on social media, and we marvel at their stunning transformations into the likes of figures from the past, movie characters, and, of course, other famous people. 2019 is proving to be no different as celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Jessica Biel have already proudly displayed what they’re wearing for Halloween.

Demi Lovato has two of the most talked-about costumes so far. With the help of her “glam team,” she rocked completely different—and both flawless—looks. One was of Penny wise the Dancing Clown from the movies It and It Chapter 2. Dressed as “lady Penny wise,” Lovato is beautifully terrifying as she carries a red balloon. The other costume was of the iconic Marie Antoinette. For that outfit, Lovato donned a tall blonde wig and frilly outfit you’d expect from an 18th-century dress. “I told y’all I don’t play on Halloween!!” she wrote. “It’s my time to shine.”

We all love a throwback, and celebrities did not disappoint this year. Gabrielle Union repriced her famous role from the 2000s classic Bring It On as she and her 11-month-old daughter Kaavia wore matching cheer leading uniforms as seen in the film. Jessica Biel also took it back to the early aughts by dressing as her husband, Justin Timber lake, during his time in the boy band NSYNC when his hair was at its most Ramen-esque and fashion at its most… questionable.

Celebrities are all dressed up in elaborate costumes for Halloween this year.


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