We, the peoples of the Amazon, are full of fear. Soon you’ll be too

We, the peoples of the Amazon, are full of fear. Soon you’ll be too

For many years we, the indigenous leaders and peoples of the Amazon, had been warning you, our brothers who’ve introduced a lot harm to our forests. What you are doing will exchange the complete international and could break our home – and it’ll destroy your private home too.

We have set aside our divided history to come collectively. Simplest a era ago, lots of our tribes had been preventing each different, but now we’re collectively, preventing together against our common enemy. And that commonplace enemy is you, the non-indigenous peoples who have invaded our lands and are actually burning even the ones small elements of the forests in which we stay which you have left for us. President Bolsonaro of Brazil is encouraging the farm proprietors close to our lands to clear the forest – and he is not doing some thing to prevent them from invading our territory.

We name on you to stop what you’re doing, to prevent the destruction, to forestall your attack at the spirits of the Earth. Whilst you chop down the bushes you attack the spirits of our ancestors. The animals and the land itself. Whilst you weaken the land like that, it starts to die. If the land dies, if our Earth dies, then none people can be capable of live, and we too will all die.

Why do you try this? You assert it’s miles for development – however what form of development takes away the richness of the forest and replaces it with simply one kind of plant or one sort of animal? In which the spirits once gave us the whole thing we wished for a happy life – all of our meals, our houses, our drugs – now there may be only soya or cattle. Who’s this improvement for? Just a few human beings live on the farm lands; they can not aid many people and they’re barren.

So why do you do that? We are able to see that it is so that some of you could get a awesome deal of cash. Within the Kayapó language we name your cash piu caprim, “sad leaves”, due to the fact it’s miles a useless and useless aspect, and it brings only harm and sadness.

Whilst your money comes into our groups it frequently causes large problems, driving our humans apart. And we can see that it does the identical factor for your cities, wherein what you call rich human beings stay isolated from absolutely everyone else, afraid that different In the meantime different human beings starve or live in misery due to the fact they don’t have sufficient cash to get meals for themselves and their children.

But those wealthy humans will die, as we all will die. And while their spirits are separated from their bodies their spirits might be unhappy and they’ll suffer, due to the fact while they’re alive they have made so many other human beings suffer in preference to assisting them, in place of ensuring that everybody else has enough to devour earlier than they feed themselves, which is our manner, the way of the Kayapó, the way of indigenous human beings.

You need to exchange the way you stay because you’re lost, you have got misplaced your way. Wherein you are going is most effective the way of destruction and of demise. To live you must admire the sector, the trees, the vegetation, the animals, the rivers or even the very earth itself. Because all of these items have spirits, all of these things are spirits, and without the spirits the Earth will die, the rain will stop and the meals plant life will wither and die too.

We all breathe this one air, we all drink the equal water. We live in this one planet. We want to shield the Earth. If we don’t, the massive winds will come and ruin the forest. We refuse to shy away from the climate catastrophe and species extinction. For The guardian, reporting on the surroundings is a concern. We deliver reporting on climate, nature and pollutants the prominence it merits, memories which frequently cross unreported through others in the media. At this pivotal time for our species and our planet, we’re decided to inform readers approximately threats, outcomes and answers based totally on scientific information, now not political prejudice or enterprise pursuits.

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